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A veiled Muslim woman at the US White House
code: 156894 Date: 13880000source: Afrikprint

A veiled Muslim woman at the US White House

Dalia Mogahed is a member of the advisory panel for Obama 


Religiously veiled, Dalia Mogahed is indeed the first American Muslim of Arab descent to enter the White House every morning with an Islamic headscarf to advise a United States President.

Expressing her joy, Dalia Mogahed said she is "proud to be the first Muslim to enter the White House". She is now a full member of the advisory panel of religions, known as the Faith Based and Neighbourhood Partnerships. The committee is composed of 25 other people from different faiths.

She is senior analyst and executive director of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies. The young woman commands respect by virtue of her talent, which she generously exposes in the pages of the Gallup Institute’s publication.

Her book: Who speaks for Islam, re-edited and published by the prestigious Harvard University’s Harvard International Review, appears to have caught President Obama’s eye.

According to the open minded and talented Dalia Mogahed, "My job is to assist the President of the United States to better understand Muslims beyond the distorting prism of violence".

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- Nice knowing about Dalia Mogahed -- Allah help thous who help themself

Faith is 4m inner heart and a bond between Allah and his banda, at first one must believe in tauheed -- and then the eaman is strong .....!!!

Leading simple life makes man never courupt , speaking ill of any body is like eating our own brothers meat. utter truth for clean heart,following

Sunnah becomes easier.

If oppertunity exists -- i would be the first one to meet her.


Jabeen khan

- That is very good and is a a good presentstion of women's abilities. I am interesting to see her book.

- It will be great if it helps muslim world ...

- Not surprised with Obama's choice.only wish he listens and appreciate her views not the official version- 'American islam.'

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