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Who British women embraced Islam!?+ PIC
code: 191281 Date: 20100608source: Timesonlineprint

Who British women embraced Islam!?+ PIC

The young British women, Catherine Huntley, living in the UK decide to convert to Islam. 

 Who British women embraced Islam!?+ PIC

The truth was: I didn’t like alcohol, I’ve never tried smoking and I wasn’t interested in boys. You’d think they’d have been pleased.

“I’ve always been quite a spiritual person, so when I started studying Islam in my first year of GCSEs, something just clicked. I would spend every lunchtime reading about Islam on the computer.

I had peace in my heart and nothing else mattered any more. It was a weird experience – I’d found myself, but the person I found wasn’t like anyone else I knew.

“I’d hardly ever seen a Muslim before, so I didn’t have any preconceptions, but my parents weren’t so open-minded. I hid all my Muslim books and headscarves in a drawer, because I was so scared they’d find out.

“When I told my parents, they were horrified and said, ‘We’ll talk about it when you’re 18.’ But my passion for Islam just grew stronger.
I started dressing more modestly and would secretly fast during Ramadan. I got very good at leading a double life until one day, when I was 17, I couldn’t wait any longer.

“I sneaked out of the house, put my hijab in a carrier bag and got on the train to Bournemouth. I must have looked completely crazy putting it on in the train carriage, using a wastebin lid as a mirror. When a couple of old people gave me dirty looks, I didn’t care. For the first time in my life, I felt like myself.

“A week after my conversion, my mum came marching into my room and said, ‘Have you got something to tell me?’ She pulled my certificate of conversion out of her pocket.
I think they’d rather have found anything else at that point – drugs, cigarettes, condoms – because at least they could have put it down to teenage rebellion.

“I could see the fear in her eyes. She couldn’t comprehend why I’d want to give up my freedom for the sake of a foreign religion. Why would I want to join all those terrorists and suicide bombers?

“It was hard being a Muslim in my parents’ house. I’ll never forget one evening, there were two women in burkas on the front page of the newspaper, and they started joking, ‘That’ll be Catherine soon.’

“They didn’t like me praying five times a day either; they thought it was ‘obsessive’. I’d pray right in front of my bedroom door so my mum couldn’t walk in, but she would always call upstairs, ‘Catherine, do you want a cup of tea?’ just so I’d have to stop.

“Four years on, my grandad still says things like, ‘Muslim women have to walk three steps behind their husbands.’ It gets me really angry, because that’s the culture, not the religion.
My fiancé, whom I met eight months ago, is from Afghanistan and he believes that a Muslim woman is a pearl and her husband is the shell that protects her. I value that old-fashioned way of life: I’m glad that when we get married he’ll take care of paying the bills. I always wanted to be a housewife anyway.

“Marrying an Afghan man was the cherry on the cake for my parents. They think I’m completely crazy now. He’s an accountant and actually speaks better English than I do, but they don’t care.

The wedding will be in a mosque, so I don’t think they’ll come. It hurts to think I’ll never have that fairytale wedding, surrounded by my family. But I hope my new life with my husband will be a lot happier. I’ll create the home I’ve always wanted, without having to feel the pain of people judging me.”




- Salaam
I have been a British revert for just over 7 years
My parents do not want to see me, my husband or my children even to today they said you are not Muslim and this is not our daughter. My father said if i put on British clothes no head scarf i can come to see them , and i can not do that , i ring them and they are fine with me my sisters do not talk to me ,so i took the prophets family as my family and i thank ALLAH for them , i love my parents and respect them so i just ring them and speak to them every week and they are happy about this

w salaam
sister Fatima

- Jazakallah.Allah helps those who seeks guidance from ALLAH,

- Allahu Akbar.

Alhamdulillah i cant relate to these sisters, am a british revert to islam of 9 years and i love islam..its in my veins. Hijab is soo beautiful, it makes me feel soo much more of a woman and respectable. I wouldnt live without Islam.

Welcome to Islam...hold tight to the pure path and remember Allah tests those who He loves for really good reason...jannat ul firdaw ( paradise.)

Fee aman Allah
As salam alailkum

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