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Mujtaba Magazine – All a Shia Muslim child needs
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Mujtaba Magazine – All a Shia Muslim child needs

 Mujtaba Magazine – All a Shia Muslim child needs

Ahlul Bayt News Agency (, Mujtaba is the only Shia kids magazine that educates and entertains young children between the ages of 7 to 13 years.

Some of the pages include:

* Peek into history which teaches children more about our Holy Prophet (saw)
* A hadith and you page
* Mujtaba visits
* Brain pop and amazing stories
* Guess What
* Grandma’s advice to Hudda concerning our present Imam

For further information or to obtain a copy of the magazine contact Sister Zahida at or Sister Zubeda at

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- Assalam O Alikum
I live in Canada. Can you tell me how can I get Mujtaba Magazine for my kids.

Allaha Hafiz

- Assalam o Alikum

i live in Pakistan.Can you tell me how can i get Mujtaba Magazine.

- Salam.
It is great for us to have this wonderful magazine for our children but we don't know how to get it. I am living in Nigeria, if there is a way for demanding it tell us Please.

- I am highly interested in obtaining this magazine for my daughters.

- Please let me know how I can get this magazine for my girls!

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