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Islamic Museum established in Australia
code: 300063 Date: 2012/03/02 - 15:20source: Shabestanprint

Islamic Museum established in Australia

An Islamic museum will be built in Melbourne city of Australia; the reason for its construction is introduction of Islamic civilization. The construction of this museum will cost 8 million dollars. 

 Islamic Museum established in Australia

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - To lay the foundation stone of this museum in Melbourne city the chief of Organization of Islamic Cooperation Akmal-ud-Din Ahsan Aoghlu, the two representatives from Australia and some Muslims of this city have participated. In this event the chief of OIC Akmal-ud-Din Ahsan Aoghlu said that the construction of this museum is a very important issue for Muslims of Australia. And non-Muslims can also benefit from these noble and valuable cultural services. 

He added that for the development of Islamic civilization in this Museum, Islamic arts prints will be exhibited. The ambassador of Qatar Mustafa Fakhru said that Qatar government will pay the cost of building this museum which is 8 million dollars.



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