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Wahhabism seeks division among Muslims
code: 277321 Date: 2011/11/09source: TNAprint

Wahhabism seeks division among Muslims

Iranian Cleric and university professor denounced fake religions as a showcase and a means for the oppressors to wage division among the Muslims. 

 Wahhabism seeks division among Muslims
(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Hojjat-ol-Islam
Seyyed Mahdi Alizade Mousavi, Iranian university and seminary professor
explained unity to ignore the differences between religious
denominations and slammed Wahhabism and other fake religions for their
divisive efforts.

He rejected
unity to mean that all Islamic denominations forget their special
religious beliefs and turn to one denomination, saying, "Unity among
Islamic denominations is to leave the disagreements, maintain our
beliefs in minutiae and unite with each other in our belief in

He counted the commonalities to be exceeding the
differences and said, "The religious texts of all Islamic denominations
are in fact the same and they all share the same holy quotations and
narratives." Counting the commonalities of these denominations as the
axis around which all Islamic denominations can gather.

is the best teaching which is the commonality of not only all Islamic
denominations but also the meeting point of all divine religions," said
the cleric and counted monotheism as the criterion that can provide the
ground for interaction among all religions.

He called the holy
Kaba as the incarnate and in fact as the symbol of monotheism since it
is the praying direction for all Muslims.

This religious figure
also called shared enemies as another commonality among Muslims and
said, "All Muslims have the same enemies who look at Shia and Sunni
through the same lenses," adding that the difference between Shia and
Sunni paves the way towards their goals.

This university
professor also explained on colonialism and divided that to the classic
and neocolonialism saying, "Classical colonialism is the physical
presence of the enemies in the Islamic countries and the modern form for
that is the cultural and ideological presence of colonialism in Muslim

He referred to the Triangle of Evil and said there
are three derivative attitudes in the world which are backed by the

"Baha'i and Qadiani and Wahhabism are the three
sides of this triangle out of which the last one is responsible for the
division among the Muslims," said Hojjat-ol-Islam Seyyed Mahdi Alizade

This religious thinker hailed the recent moves among
the Muslims and said a renaissance is forming in the Muslim World which
has awakened the Muslims and now all Muslims from all races and
denominations are looking for one united meaning and that is Ummah
(Islamic Nation).



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