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Over 4000 Shiites deported from UAE
code: 390575 Date: 2013/02/13 - 17:39source: shiite newsprint

Over 4000 Shiites deported from UAE

Over 4,000 Shia Muslims have been deported from United Arab Emirates and forced to leave everything in United Arab Emirates. 

 Over 4000 Shiites deported from UAE

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Over 4,000 Shia Muslims have been deported from United Arab Emirates and forced to leave everything in United Arab Emirates.

The Shia immigrants were told to leave the UAE as soon as possible within 24 hours without any reason, even some of them were living since 20 years in the UAE.

The deported imigrants are including Pakistain, Iraqi, Syrian and Lebanese Shia Muslims. The UAE government has been started the forced deportation of Shia immigrants four years ago, when the Abu-Dhabi state has expelled the thousands of Shiite Muslims belongs from Parachinar, Punjab and Sindh province.

The United Arab Emirates has expelled long-term Lebanese Shiite residents from the country over their presumed affiliation with Hezbollah.

On security grounds all these were force to evacuate their property within hours, one of the immigrant informed the Shite News.

The residence permits were also cancelled for no apparent reason.

Last year Khoja Shia madrassa closed down, Shia mosque activities restricted, World Federation meeting on 19th May 2012 shifted to Dar al Salam after government refusal to host it in Dubai.

Since 2009 hundreds of Shia have been deported from UAE, while in April 2012 in a wave of deportations of Lebanese nationals 9 immigrants were deported and banned to enter in UAE.

The current deportations of Shia Muslims this year have also made them banned to enter in UAE due to security concerns.

They have not committed any crime and they were not in the habit of discussing politics, but they were practical Shias.

The insiders told the Shiite News that the United States and Saudi Wahabi kingdom were involved in the conspiracy to deport the Shiite Muslims majority of them are Pakistani from the United Arab Emirates.

Though, the UAE government has deported thousands of Pakistani from the kingdom without any reason but the incompetent government of Zardari regime has not taken any serious notice of the forced deportation of Pakistani immigrants, a major resource of Pakistan revenue.

It’s the time that Pakistani Shiite leadership should raise the issue of the force deportation of the Pakistani Shiite Muslims from UAE and pressurized the UAE kingdom not reverse its biased decision.

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- what a shame!!!!! I will not be surprised that in another10-15 years U.A.E. will face the arab ("fall-autumn") and then they will sheepishly knock on Americas door and they will not be able to do anything.. It is a matter of time when theses countries start listening to outside sources to create divisions among the muslims...sleep tight.. money is not everything.

- Shame on the rulers of UAE!

- SPIT ON YOU UAE ! I SPIT ON YOU after living for 30 years !
thank you for such an HONOR !

- They are not just deporting, I am one of them who is deported, I lived for 10 years in UAE, I was on leave when i went back UAE they caught me and kept me in prison, and didn't tell me why I am kept in prison, and later they cancelled my visa and asked me to book ticket to home and i paid money and now I am back home to Pakistan, all my stuff, money, car is there in uae and i have got blacklisted from UAE, only because I am shia, there are thousands more they are catching every day, whoever has Hassan, Hussain, Abbas in their names they are kept in prison for at least 3 months in very bad condition of Jail, jail is like hell and then they cancel the visa and deport them and black list them for life.

- I am also deported from Abu Dhabi I worked 20 year in remote area and work very hard but with out any resan they kick out me with my family Booz I am Shia now I m looking for job plz any Shia company which have power and instrumentation job plz help for my children for family to get job

- me aslo deported froom uae abu dhabi by force with my family i was working there scince 1989 they spoiled my steady life bcoz only i m shia now i am job less all my settelment goes to my salary account bcoz of loan i was not able to pay my visa card amount uae gove if removing like this they to all bank loan and visa card amount all my family distrub no house in in pakistan they way they are deporting is not good only spoiling life of families

- I am also deporting from uae I work from 10 year and work very honestly but with out any reason they deport me from abudhabi I asked one question can I go again to dubai

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