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Imam Hussein & El-Abbas Holy Shrines Prepare for the Cultural Week in Islamabad, Pakistan

2014/03/13  10:05

European police arrest 19 terrorists participated in Syria war
Police working on separate operations in three European countries have arrested 19 people suspected of involvement in the Syrian war, officials say.

2014/03/13  09:43

Saudi Arabia threatens to block Qatar borders
Saudi Arabia has threatened to block Qatar by land and sea amid a simmering row between the two Arab states over Doha’s links with the Muslim Brotherhood and the role of al-Jazeera television station.

2014/03/13  09:39

Torture expert criticises ongoing use of torture in Bahrain
As the United Nation’s Human Rights Council discusses state practiced torture and impunity in its 25th session, Mr. Kevin Laue, the Legal Advisor of the Redress Trust has called on the participants to read the report released by his organisation about torture in Bahrain.

2014/03/13  09:36

Italian Shia Cleric: Fiqh Can Offer Solutions for Muslim World Challenges
Director of Italian-based Imam Mahdi (AS) Institute said Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) can offer practical solutions for the challenges the Muslim world is facing.

2014/03/13  09:18

New interface of ABNA to be launched soon
The new version of ABNA is going to be launched next week on March 16.

2014/03/12  23:23

Image / Imam Hussain Holly Shrine Turns to Black During Fatimiyah Days

2014/03/12  22:06

Rupee strengthens against USD after receiving $750m Saudi funds agaisnt Asad government
The rupee continued to appreciate on Tuesday as the value of the US dollar fell to below from PKR 108 to PKR 100 after receiving $750 million funds from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over military support against Bashar-al-Asad government in Syria.

2014/03/12  17:27

Syrian President visits displaced people in Damascus suburbs (Images)
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has made a public visit to displaced people living in a refugee camp outside the capital, Damascus.

2014/03/12  17:14

Book Revives Bosnian Muslims’ Agonies
Unfolding memories of the horrible Bosnia war, a Bosnian-American writer has published a book that revisits the war during which thousands of Muslims were massacred; by the time he was just 12.

2014/03/12  17:10

Quranic Center for Women Launched in Najaf
A Quranic center for women has been opened in the holy city of Najaf, Iraq.

2014/03/12  16:59

Zionist Regime Exploits the Current Arab Situation to Demolish Al-Aqsa
A researcher in Palestinian history stated that the current Palestinian and Arab situation is the most opportune condition for the implementation of the Israeli scheme to take control over the entire region.

2014/03/12  16:51

Arab League says Lebanon has right to defend itself
The foreign ministers of Arab countries have voiced their support for Lebanon’s right to resist aggression by the Israeli regime and to liberate its occupied territories.

2014/03/12  16:46

Assad: Russia’s Role Essential in Restoring Balance to International Relations
Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad stressed that the role of Russia is essential and vital in today's world because it restored balance to international relations after long years of unipolar dominance.

2014/03/12  16:39

UK: Plans to build Muslim cemetery in Catherine-de-Barnes withdrawn
Plans for a 4,000-plot Muslim cemetery near Solihull have been withdrawn.

2014/03/12  12:04

UK Students Use Charity to Make Difference

2014/03/12  11:48

Dress code comes in effect for women at Shia monuments
Women tourists visiting the Imambaras or any other Shia monument in Lucknow city of India will now have to keep their head covered.

2014/03/12  11:38

Islamic Jihad: Truce with Tel Aviv very shaky
The Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement has warned that the truce with Israel in the Gaza Strip is very shaky following the killing of three Palestinians in an Israeli drone attack in the besieged coastal enclave.

2014/03/12  10:58

Iraq: El-Abbas Holy Shrine Erects a New Kitchen
The El-Abbas Holy Shrine has begun erecting a new kitchen for the free dining hall, for pilgrims of Imam Hussein and El-Abbas (PBUT), located on Babylon-Kerbala road.

2014/03/12  10:46

Al-Qaeda magazine to come in English soon!
Al-Qaeda is going to launch a new web-based, English-language magazine, as the group attracts more radical militants to join its ranks in the US-backed Syria war.

2014/03/12  10:44

ISIL terrorists execute 22 near Syrian town of Jarabulus
Militants from the al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) have killed at least 22 people in northern Syria, an opposition source says.

2014/03/12  10:43

Syria army takes control of Rima Farms in Yabroud, kills many militants
Syrian soldiers have taken full control of farmland on the northern edge of Yabroud, military sources say.

2014/03/12  10:41

Program on Sayida Fatimah martyrdom anniversary for non-Iranian pilgrims at the Razavi Holy Shrine

2014/03/12  10:38

UN torture expert reiterates request to visit Bahrain
On Monday 10th, the UN’s Human Rights Council listened to experts on torture and the situation of human rights defenders in its 25thsession.

2014/03/12  10:34

4 Shiites shot martyred in separate terrorist attacks in Karachi
Takfiri Deobandi terrorists of Ahl-e-Sunnat Wal-Jamaat (ASWJ) known as Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) have killed four more Shia Muslims in Karachi.

2014/03/11  21:41

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