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Feast of Noroz in Islam
Noroz, beginning of Persian year, is Eid Day, a day of great happiness and pleasure. It falls on March 21 and is celebrated throughout the Muslim world.


US sees Iran as ‘a diplomatic threat’
An American political analyst says the US accusation that Iran is assisting al-Qaeda militants stationed in Syria is “laughable” and shows that Washington sees Tehran as “a diplomatic threat.”

2014/02/10  00:35

Inhumane Treatment of Muslims in Myanmar
Unprecedented political reforms in Myanmar have been widely celebrated, but these achievements are marred by increasing religious extremism and horrific levels of violence aimed at the region's Muslims.

2014/02/02  02:31

Australians Try Muslims’ Hijab
As thousands of Muslim women around the world donned hijab on Saturday, February 1, Australian Muslims held a celebration in Sydney, encouraging all women to try on a hijab for a day.

2014/02/02  01:49

Outside Forces Seeking Palestinian-Hezbollah Conflict
It isn’t just the Zionist regime still occupying Palestine six decades after the Nakba; one can sense the carnivorous drooling from Tel Aviv to Amman, from Riyadh and the [Persian] Gulf Kingdoms all the way to Washington DC and beyond—drooling and salivation over their project to promote tensions between the Palestinian Resistance and what is in some respects its historic offspring—Hezbollah.

2014/01/24  10:42

Saudi devil or Iranian superpower: US options in Mideast
Two books authored by Robert Baer, an American author and a former CIA case officer, who was primarily assigned to the Middle East, are amazingly revealing.

2013/12/31  07:50

Persian Gulf Monarchies Creating Ingredients for a Sectarian Civil War in Muslim World
Anti-Shia hate propaganda spread by Sunni religious figures sponsored by, or based in, Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf monarchies, is creating the ingredients for a sectarian civil war engulfing the entire Muslim world.

2013/12/31  06:58

Sayyed Nasrallah.. Go Ahead, The Entire Nation with You
A group of Jordanian figures has sent a letter to Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah, voicing support and solidarity with the resistance and its stances.

2013/12/25  12:45

Saudis concerned about spread of Iran influence
Saudi Arabia will adopt a "new defense doctrine" focused on resisting Iranian influence in the Middle East, a senior Saudi diplomatic adviser has warned.

2013/11/26  23:18

Shia Muslims are treated as second class citizens in Pakistan

2013/11/20  09:38

Sex and the Syrian Revolution
It took her a long time to take the decision to talk and when she did, she would only meet in a public place.

2013/11/10  10:13

NSA, Five Eyes Use Australian Embassies to Spy on Asia
US intelligence agencies are using Australian embassies throughout Asia to intercept data and gather information across the continent, according to the latest report based on documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

2013/11/01  14:11

Moral in Morning, Dishonest in Afternoon
Our ability to exhibit self-control to avoid cheating or lying is significantly reduced over the course of a day, making us more likely to be dishonest in the afternoon than in the morning.

2013/10/31  18:29

Saudi Wants Replacements for Azaz Hostages!
How will the Saudis replace their loss of Azaz hostages? That is since the nine Lebanese, who returned in a complicated and multifaceted deal, were the actual goal for the attack which the group of Abu Omar Al-Kuwaiti initiated in Azaz to prevent their release, in order to add them to the papers that the Saudi intelligence seeks to control in North Syria and use them against “Hezbollah”.

2013/10/25  20:39

NSA Monitors 35 World Leaders Conversations
The National Security Agency monitored the phone conversations of 35 world leaders after being given the numbers by an official in another US government department, a new classified document by whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed on Thursday.

2013/10/25  20:21

Hajj pilgrims visit holy sites in Medina ‎
Medina - the city of Prophet Muhammad - is replete with historical monuments dating back to a time when Prophet Muhammad arrived there almost 14 centuries ago. Those who visit Medina, try to trace the footprints of their prophet after his migration from Mecca.

2013/10/01  10:17

Is Assad behind Syria massacre?
Syrian hawks have reiterated times and again that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is behind death of 100,000 civilians.

2013/09/20  21:22

Vietnam Veteran: Possible US war on Syria likely to last for more than a decade

2013/09/19  11:30

Under Sharif brothers Shia Genocide continues
The Shias of Pakistan have always been law-abiding citizens of the country. Many of them have voted for the Sharif brothers because they have always believed that they will act as leaders of Pakistan, and not as representatives of the Saudi-financed Takfiri mindset.

2013/09/15  10:06

More and more Americans reconsider 9/11

2013/09/11  12:36

Is Saudi Prince Bandar really behind Syria chemical attacks?

2013/09/11  12:25

Damascus Notes: Late Night ‘Town Meetings’ before the American Attack

2013/09/07  14:09

Why the buzz about the burqa?
All I could see was her eyes. Normal eyes. Not kohl-filled and mesmerizing, unlike all the eyes of women with niqab I had seen on covers of books written about Muslim women who cover their faces.

2013/08/30  22:22

Between fake tolerance and pseudo-freedom of religion

2013/08/22  10:33

How Did Syrian "Comrades in Arms" Contribute to Hezbollah 2006 Victory?

2013/08/15  09:22

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