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Followers of the Eloquent Lady
As you walk down a hallway at school, someone hurls an insult at you. Turning to respond, you think of the best comeback you can give ...

20100606  1948

US’s Betrayal in War on Terror
The never-ending “war on terror” devoid of influential consequences but nastiest, is strengthening belief among tribesmen and laypeople inside Pakistan that the West has no aim of ending the quarrel in Afghanistan and Tribal Areas of Pakistan consequently all efforts to abate the worst situation in Pakistan’s tribal areas go fruitlessly.

20100605  1951

Turning Point Day in Iran
In the early 1960s the presence of US advisors and companies in Iran increased, and the regime of John Kennedy by ordering the Shah to impose the so-called economic reforms sought to change the structure of Iran in order to turn the country into a mass consumer of western commodities.

20100604  1819

Man of Light in Heaven
Imam Khomeini was considered a Marja-e Taqlid (Religious Authority)to many Shi’a Muslims, and in Iran was officially addressed as Imam rather than Grand Ayatollah; his supporters adhere to this convention. Imam Khomeini was also a highly-influential and innovative Islamic political theorist, most noted for his development of the theory of velayat-e faqih, the “guardianship of the jurisconsult”. He was named Time’s Man of the Year in 1979.

20100604  1505

Imam Khomeini…The Man who probated the will of Prophets
Imam Ruhullah Al-Musawi Al-Khomeini was born on September 24, 1902 into a family of strong religious traditions in Khomein, a small town some hundred kilometers southwest of Tehran.

20100604  1158

Islam and the Needs of Every Age
In last 1400 years, the face of the world has changed completely. The way we travel, the way we communicate, the way we fulfill the other needs of life has been transformed...

20100528  1232

Boycotting Israel / US Products for Justice
Remember the time when joining hands in murdering innocent people seemed atrocious? The time when "To kill one soul is as though you have killed the whole of humanity" of the Holy Qur'an actually meant something to most of us? Just in case we haven't already realized, the time when we actually cared for the lives of our fellow brothers and sisters in Islam and humanity seems like ancient history now.

20100528  1155

Beauty Pageants and Islam in America
Muslim Americans have contributed immensely to the United States as doctors, teachers, lawyers, pharmacists, authors, scholars, public servants, and writers.

20100528  1149

Parachinar; at the edge of Geographical Risk
Earthly heaven paradise is burning from last many years in the fire of terrorism, life is totally paralyzed, prices are touching the sky,poverty has made the life of public in hell, hospitals are lacking medicine, all roads connecting the area with rest of country are blocked and communication with rest parts of Pakistan and world is broken. People are confronted with eternal socio-conomic and security problems. Area is on sliding and aggressive sentiments of extremism; revenge, rebellion and sectarianism are getting higher.

20100519  1521

Noam Chomsky:
What's At Stake in the Issue of Iran
In an interview with the German publication, Freitag, Noam Chomsky talks about U.S. pressure on Israel and Iran and its geopolitical significance. "Iran is perceived as a threat because they did not obey the orders of the United States. Militarily this threat is irrelevant. This country has not behaved aggressively beyond its borders for centuries. Israel invaded Lebanon with the blessing and help of the U.S. five times in thirty years. Iran has not done anything like this," he says.´

20100505  2059

Another kind of America Justice!!!
"If you are caught speeding and if they say this was done in furtherance of terrorism, a sentence that could normally be two months, could go up to twenty years, thirty years"

20100505  1915

Top Media Lies about Iran
The Peace Prize President in the White House continues to increase his empty, but angry rhetoric in an attempt to garner enough support for a strike on Iran. The propaganda juggernaut is in full action, and thousands of articles, TV shows, and politicians are beating the drums for a war against Iran. If this sounds eerily familiar, it's because it is. In 2001, the London Observer ran a series of reports linking Iraq to the September 11 attacks and going as far as to claim there were secret bases in Iraq that produced anthrax as a weapon of mass destruction.

20100504  1540

The Purpose of Marriage in Islam
Marriage is a natural necessity for every human being. It bears many good outcomes of which the most important ones are:

20100401  1442

Anniversary of the Islamic Republic Day
Cherished be the day when the green verses budded on the arrival of the spring of the Islamic Revolution and a government, based on religious democracy, was born in the world and the justice and freedom began to rule the society.

20100401  1305

Sheikh Ahmed Yassin: A Life of Resistance and Martyrdom
“All my life I have dreamed of martyrdom." This is what the founder of Hamas resistance movement used to say before the Israeli occupation army assassinated him on the 22nd of March 2004.

20100325  1623

Lebanon, Libya, and a Lingering Question
It took no longer than the announcement that Libya would host this year's Arab League summit in late March for controversy to ensue. One of the League's 22 member states has already threatened to boycott and, some would say, with good cause.

20100325  1608

The Story of handsome boy & Zionists
A shy, delicately handsome boy enters the room, a sweet smile on his face. He has just come home from school, carrying his satchel on his back, and his mother hugs him.

20100324  2253

Publicizing Religion and Creating Discourse
Editor's Note: This article is an excerpt from a speech given by the Leader to a group of scholars and seminary teachers in December 2009.

20100311  1840

Purification of the Soul
"He indeed will be successful who purifies himself, and magnifies the name of his Lord and prays." (87:14-15)

20100309  1947

Mossad Comes to America: Death Squads by Invitation
The principle propaganda mouthpiece of the Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (PMAJO), the Daily Alert (DA), has come out in full support for Israel’s practice of extra-judicial, extra-territorial assassination.

20100305  1539

Who Are Our Friends?
Imam Ali (peace be upon him) has said, "Friendship and kindness to people is half of intelligence."

20100303  1819

Style Watch: In Happiness, In Sadness
In Muharram and Safar, we wore simple clothing, usually black in color, and held back on the makeup and jewelry. Why? What does our outward appearance have to do with what we're feeling inside?

20100303  1815

Justice Denied to Shaikh Mansour Leghaei
"For those who've come across the seas, We've boundless plains to share. With courage let us all combine, To advance Australia fair..." is an epilogue from the Australian national anthem, which may as well be omitted.

20100303  1809

Samarra: the Open Wound
The depths of time safeguard dark and bitter stories of oppression and suffering.

20100303  1539

Du'a and Salvation
"Du'a is the weapon of the believer, the central axis of faith, and the light of the heavens and the earth," said the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny).

20100303  1534

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