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Syrian Conflict: Geneva 2 without Iran is not Balanced
Syrian Conflict: Iran can contribute to a settlement of the war.

2013/08/13  11:28

Comparison of language: leading Salafi polemicist Taha al Dulaimi and Shia Marja Ayatullah Sistani

2013/08/11  14:18

D.I.Khan, Shia Killings and Central Jail attack

2013/08/06  11:03

Cafes shut, sports fields empty as war returns to Iraq

2013/08/06  10:03

The History of Palestine and Its Occupation

2013/08/03  12:58

Chinese Muslims banned from fasting in Ramadan
Amid fresh arrests, restrictions on fasting and prayers at mosques, Uighur Muslims are suffering under the latest episode of Chinese government crackdown on their ethnic minority in the northwestern region of Xinjiang.

2013/07/19  18:14

Seven Years on July War: Israel’s Day of Grief
Seven days have passed on July 2006 war, when “Israel” used all its power and later pulled out defeated

2013/07/12  21:51

Shias: The Arab Spring's Latest Victims
The "Arab Spring" is proving to be an Islamic takeover by the largest and strongest Islamic faction—Sunni supremacists—who are cleansing the lands of all "non-believers," from indigenous Christians like Egypt's Copts to all Shia branches.

2013/07/01  09:53

Detainees brutally tortured in UAE: Amnesty
Letters smuggled out of jails in the United Arab Emirates indicate systematic mistreatment and torture of the inmates by the state security officials, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International reports have said.

2013/06/28  18:48

Who is Sheikh Hassan Shahata?
Hassan Bin Muhamad Bin Shahate Bin Mousa al-Anani, Known as Sheikh Hassan Shahate, was born in November 10, 1946 in the small town of Harbit, Markaz Abu Kabir, in al-Sharqiyah province of Egypt.

2013/06/25  23:04

Exclusive Interview with Dr. Ali Linstad after Withdrawing his Medal
I was awarded the King’s Service Medal, as stated in the approval documents from the King’ Place, because of my life-long work for immigrants in Oslo, Norway. / This should be very clear that there is no really “freedom of expression”, not even in democratic countries. / Any (shia-) Muslim being conscious about his or her Islamic values, will be in the outskirts of the prevailing system, and may be sought, pushed out, or of course, be attacked...

2013/02/03  18:54

Speach of Sayyed Nasrallah: Our Responsibility is to Inform World about Prophet Mohammad
Hezbollah held Friday night a ceremony on the occasion of Prophet Mohammad's (PBUH) birthday and the week of Islamic Unity which Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini originated.

2013/02/01  12:37

When a Muslim woman raped twice
The gruesome gang rape that happened recently in the capital city New Delhi of India has knocked off the imagination of Indian Nation.

2012/12/22  16:08

Ashoura’s Procession: Woe unto the Wretched
Ashoura, the tenth of Muharram, is the day of Imam Hussein's martyrdom, a day of sorrow, empathy, pride, and bravery, and a day of ultimate sacrifice despite the doomful dire sacrifices that loom.

2012/11/25  23:54

Alcohol in Islam
Everyone knows, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, that drinking alcohol is considered a sin in Islam. Consuming alcohol is listed as one of the major sins; one of greater sins for which eternal punishment is promised. There are traditions by Imam Musa Kazim (a), Imam Rida (a), and Imam Muhammad Taqi (a) proving this.

2012/10/19  16:48

Take one step towards Allah, and He would take two towards you

2012/09/05  08:58

A temple and a mosque: Worship in America
On August 5, a Sikh temple in Southern Wisconsin was attacked. Six worshippers lost their lives before the gunman was killed.

2012/08/09  03:11

Let’s talk about marriage… again! No?
I promise, this time it is different. We have all read/heard various Islamic articles and lectures many times in our lives on this topic and should continue to do so, as it is always good to remind. We are also aware of the criterion of selecting a suitable spouse from an Islamic view point. This article will attempt to raise awareness for those individuals who are embarking on this special journey and indeed who are already in the “engagement period”.

2012/07/30  02:50

Introducing Islam to Our Children
As the holy month of Ramadan is upon us again, we welcome it with anticipation and perhaps apprehension, as we wonder if we will succeed in fulfilling our duties.

2012/07/26  05:25

Bias against Islam is deeply rooted in Western minds: journalist
After many years of a negative portrayal, bias Against Islam and Muslims is deeply rooted in Western minds and it will be very difficult to eliminate it, Spanish journalist Yusuf Fernandez says.

2012/07/24  02:15

The Ramadan Sermon of the Prophet Muhammed [saww]
The following incident has been narrated by Shaykh Saduq on pp. 84-85 of his Al-Amali:

2012/07/22  21:54

Ramadan: A Training Ground for the Soul
Trends are what shape and guide the lives of the civilized world. Chances are that if you don’t have to worry about food, shelter, education, security or other necessities of life, then you are at leisure to contemplate luxuries.

2012/07/22  21:50

6000 Al-Qaida Fighters in Syria to Establish Emirate of Levant
Based on the Arab proverb " a family member confesses", "al-Sharq" Saudi newspaper published a report Friday revealing that "al-Qaida" is directly present in the Syrian crisis.

2012/07/22  00:40

Muslims in South Florida include growing number of Hispanics
When South Florida’s approximately 100,000 Muslims on Friday begin observing Ramadan, the holiest month in the Islamic faith, one of those who will be celebrating is Aisha Kanar.

2012/07/21  22:14

Special Ramadan for Georgia Muslims
Haji Tahamais is busy giving final touches to Ramadan calendar to distribute among Muslims across Georgia ahead of the beginning of the holy fasting month.

2012/07/18  19:55

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