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A model Converted to Islam: Its Because of Islam's Respect for Women
I modeled for about five years, and during that time I did a lot of drugs. And I thought oh, I can do math, and I won’t get addicted because I’m just using it as a weight loss helper. I will just use it every once and a while to just keep myself from eating too much. once i found out about respect for Women in Islam and that was the beginning.

2012/07/16  20:38

The tense situation of Egypt’s forgotten Shia minority
Even after the historic election, this marginalised minority risk daily persecution and victimisation because of their beliefs.

2012/07/15  19:52

Diary of Hizbullah Resistance Operations -- July 1997
The following are the Islamic-Resistance operations that took place during the month of July in 1997...

2012/07/12  21:39

Diary of Hizbullah Resistance Operations -- August 1997
The following are the Islamic-Resistance operations that took place during the month of August in 1997.

2012/07/12  21:21

Keep Britain Clean - no Muslims Please
According to the organisation ‘Hope not Hate’ there are 22 organisations within the UK that have an anti - Islam agenda. They hate Islam and Muslims and will do anything to spread their hate. These people will use terms such as ‘Islamist’ and ‘Jihadist’ and hide behind the banner of being 'anti-extremist'; but let’s get this straight, it's nothing to do with 'extremism' or any genuine concern.

2012/07/12  19:55

When is a terrorist not a terrorist? When he's a white non-Muslim
This matters. "Terrorist," after all, is the mother of all damning labels in this post-9/11 age. And beyond politics and public relations, ideas about what constitutes terrorism and who commits it can have a significant effect on law enforcement and court outcomes. It's a term that needs to be used with care — and consistency.

2012/06/12  14:15

The 1967-war revisited
When Israel occupied the West Bank in 1967, I was ten years old. Then, I didn't fully grasp what was happening to us. Arab radio stations transmitting from Cairo, Damascus and Baghdad had been galvanizing us into believing that Israel's days were numbered and that Arab nationalism, which nearly replaced Islam as our de facto religion, would soon tear up the Zionist entity into smithereens. We virtually worshipped Gamal Abdul Nasser, the legendary Egyptian president, who became a God-like figure. It was far more abominable to curse the ultimate leader of Arab nationalism, than to curse the Almighty.

2012/06/07  12:19

Imam Khomeini through the Eyes of a Non-Muslim
Although there has been talk about seeing the leader of the Islamic Republic, the much hated, much revered Ayatollah Khomeini, I had learned that it was better - with something a portentously important as such a visit - to make the effort and then accept what happened.

2012/06/04  15:42

Imam Khomeini, pioneer of Islamic revival
Muslims in Iran and around the globe are preparing to honor the memory of a great leader who united the people and led them through one of the greatest revolutions of the 20th century.

2012/06/03  13:50

Conservatives Challenge UK Halal Slaughter
Conservative backbencher Greg Knight has sparked a controversy in Britain by calling for banning halal slaughter, pitting religious sensitivities against the conviction of animal welfare campaigners.

2012/05/29  19:54

Jews must clean their own house first
Israeli and Jewish hypocrisy is so brazen that it probably has no match under the sun. Jewish and Zionist circles never stop accusing other countries of harboring "hate" against Jews.

2012/05/22  10:31

The Concept of Seven Heavens
Question: What is the purpose of the Qur'an in pointing towards 'seven heavens'? Answer: Islamic scholars and commentators have narrated some clarifications regarding 'seven heavens' (towards which indication are made in the Holy Qur'an also).

2012/05/21  23:42

A Look into Congregational Prayers
Allah says in the Holy Quran, "Maintain with care the prayers." (2:238) There is no doubt about the importance of prayers in Islam. Prayer is the pillar of the religion. Prayer is the first thing we will be questioned about on the Day of Judgment. But like many other things in life, there are different degrees of prayers.

2012/05/21  21:55

The Question of Religious Identity
A recent article by The Independent's Robert Fisk about racism in Arab countries has given fresh impetus to debates regarding racism within not just in Arab countries, but the Muslim world as a whole. While you don't have to agree with everything Fisk puts down in his article, one cannot deny the racial divides and tensions that continue to plague to Muslim Ummah today. Any healthy debate on the matter must be welcomed and used constructively. The matter hand does come as a bitter pill to swallow perhaps, as it forces us to look inwards and search for answers, something not many of us are used to.

2012/05/21  18:31

Palestine: We must not betray our suspended martyrs
The mass hunger strike being observed by thousands of our political and resistance prisoners in Israeli dungeons and concentration camps represents the last and ultimate form of Jihad or resistance against a nefarious, sadistic enemy that excels like nobody else in the arts of torture and oppression.

2012/05/07  09:52

LONDON: From bar to Islamic Center
British Muslims have widely welcomed the official approval to their plans to turn a former pub in west Norfolk into an Islamic community center, saying it will help Muslims extend bridges in the community.

2012/05/03  01:49

The Psalms of Islam
The Holy Qur'an and Nahjul Balagha are two books you will find in nearly every Shia Muslim home. These represent the two weighty things that were left to us by the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny), the Holy Book of God and the members of his Household. Unfortunately, many times these books gather dust on the highest bookshelf of the house.

2012/04/10  23:00

Bridging the Ummah: Sunni and Shia as One
The centuries-old Shia-Sunni differences are the major obstacle to Muslim unity. The enemies of Islam to their benefit have always fanned these differences.

2012/04/10  19:49

Instilling Modesty in Children
Children's fashion is a billion dollar market with movie stars and other media figures endorsing the latest and hippest trends.

2012/03/31  23:10

What does Confessions of a Pencil Teach Us?
Everything around us speaks to us. But how often do we hear what they say? A moment of contemplation can go a long way. If we pay closer attention, we can hear the unspoken words of all that exists in this world. It is these unspoken words that we often ignore.

2012/03/30  17:32

Hoodies, Hijabs, and Condemning Oppression
What's the bigger evil? The evil intentions of the oppressors or the deliberate silence of those who can but choose to not act? As believers, it is important to remember Islam is not a religion that seeks to fulfill a person only spiritually. Can a man claim he is among God's pious followers if he finds himself engulfed in apathy towards other humans?

2012/03/30  12:29

It's a Girl!
"It's a girl!" That's the expression we usually hear when mothers give birth to a baby girl.

2012/03/28  18:33

Rachel Corrie, Truth is no more Invisible
"We are protecting civilians. We are unarmed. We are no threat to you. Please do not shoot." Rachel Corrie

2012/03/17  11:32

Lying: the Destructive Weapon
Do not lie! From a religious perspective, lying is wrong. From an ethical perspective, lying is wrong. We continue to be warned against lying.

2012/03/13  14:59

Islamic Principles on Establishing Peaceful Religious Coexistence
In order to establish peaceful religious coexistence in society, Islam has suggested four principles.

2012/03/13  14:19

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