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Effects of Sins

2010/09/12  17:09

Ja'far al-Tayyar
Ja'far bin Abu Talib was born about 25 years after the Year of the Elephant. He was 10 years older than his brother Ali (a.s)...

2010/09/12  17:07

Dua'a for 30th Ramadhan

2010/09/05  13:54

Dua'a for 29th Ramadhan

2010/09/05  13:52

Dua'a for 28th Ramadhan

2010/09/05  13:46

Dua'a for 27th Ramadhan

2010/09/05  13:42

Dua'a for 26th Ramadhan

2010/09/05  13:40

Dua'a for 25th Ramadhan

2010/09/05  13:38

Dua'a for 24th Ramadhan

2010/09/05  13:35

Dua'a for 23th Ramadhan

2010/09/05  12:28

Dua'a for 22th Ramadhan

2010/09/05  12:22

Dua'a for 21th Ramadhan

2010/09/05  12:20

Dua'a for 20th Ramadhan

2010/09/05  12:17

Iraqi Shiites suffer from continues violent sectarianism
There is always one queue you should avoid, Sarmad Talib’s brothers always warned him – the one, they said, made up of young men seeking a job in the Iraqi security forces. Too many times since the start of the US occupation in 2003, suicide bombers posing as eager job-seekers have targeted these queues.

2010/08/30  14:05

Laylatul Qadr; The Night of Destiny

2010/08/29  17:44

Why Laylatul Qadr is better than a thousand Months ?
When Laylatul Qadr approaches, the Almighty Allah orders Gabriel (a.s) to descend accompanied by a crowd of angels to the earth with a green banner.

2010/08/29  17:31

The Angels Will Descend On the Night of Power
"O Lord! Bestow on us such a wakefulness and acknowledgement that we take sufficient benefit from the virtue of the Night of Power.

2010/08/29  16:29

Some Other Deeds to be performed during the Night of Power (Lailatul-Qadr)
O' Allah! If, about this night and the nights before, there is a doubt or reluctance in their being the Nights of Power, but regarding, Thee, Thou unity (towhid), and that because of Your Exaltedness and Magnanimity, You will purify your servant's deeds there is absolutely no doubt

2010/08/29  16:27

The A'maal of Shab-e-Qadr
Shab-e-Qadr is the night which is the best night among the nights of the whole year. The "A'maal" (religious performance) of this night are better than the A'maal of 1000 months. In this night the divine annual decree is passed. The angels and Rooh (A highly dignified Angel) descend on earth, this night. These call on the Imam of the time, and what is ordained (by Allah) for everybody is presented before the Imam.

2010/08/29  16:11

Dua'a for 19th Ramadhan

1389/00/00  15:54

Dua'a for 18th Ramadhan

1389/00/00  15:39

Dua'a for 17th Ramadhan

1389/00/00  15:35

Dua'a for 16th Ramadhan

2010/08/24  15:46

Dua'a for 15th Ramadhan

2010/08/24  15:45

Dua'a for 14th Ramadhan

2010/08/24  15:44

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