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Iran News
- Iran News

“World Assembly of Muslim Woman” to be established
Head of the Women Affairs Center in the World Forum for Proximity of the Islamic Schools of Thought announced that the “World Assembly of Muslim Woman”.

2013/07/23  22:31

Iran Slams EU for Blacklisting Hezbollah's Armed Wing
Iran deplored the European Union for listing the military wing of the Lebanese Hezbollah Movement as a terrorist organization, calling it a "completely undigested and highly surprising act".

2013/07/23  15:28

Quran Copy Written on Egyptian Papyrus Displayed at Tehran Quran Exhibition
A copy of Quran written on Egyptian papyrus has been showcased at the Maktoub (written works) Section of the 21st International Holy Quran Exhibition.

2013/07/23  11:29

Grand Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi;
Grand Shia Cleric warns against Egypt situation
Grand Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi, top jurisprudent and professor at Qom Seminary, referred to chaotic situation in Egypt and noted Mohammad Morsi’s blind pursuit of Salafi objectives as the reason for his topple.

2013/07/22  13:00

Iranian Supreme Leader Not Optimistic About Talks With US
“…I am not optimistic about negotiation with the US although I have not rejected negotiations over certain issues such as Iraq in the past years,” the Leader stated, adding, the US officials are unreliable and dishonest.

2013/07/22  11:05

Iran spokesman: Officials from all countries invited to Rohani's inauguration
Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Araqchi says the heads and the officials of all world states have been invited to attend the swearing-in ceremony of Iranian President-elect Hassan Rohani.

2013/07/21  18:40

Top Iranian cleric slams Takfiri moves
One of the Islamic Jurisprudents slammed the resent attack of Takfiri groups in Syria.

2013/07/21  18:07

Iran: Qom theological center condemns shelling around holy shrine in Syria
Administration for Qom theological center issued a statement on Saturday to condemn shelling of holy shrine on suburb of Damascus, Syria.

2013/07/21  00:36

“There’s no commonality between Takfiri groups and Sunni Muslims”: Sunni MP
Sunni representative of Kurdistan region in Iran’s Assembly of Experts condemned Takfiri (excommunicating groups) terror attacks in Syria, Egypt and Iraq calling Islam as a religion of moderation that leaves no space for violence and terrorism.

2013/07/20  17:14

Sunni cleric: Unity is of Iranian main feature
“Unity and rapprochement is of the main features of Iranian society,” said one of the Friday Prayer leaders of Sanandaj Province.

2013/07/20  17:10

Tehran Friday Prayer Leader: Moderation, Straight Path of Imam Khomeini (RA)
Tehran’s interim Friday prayers leader referred to moderation as the straight path of the late founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

2013/07/20  12:08

Ahmadinejad Says Iran, Iraq Have ’Exceptional’ Security Role
Visiting Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Thursday that his country and Iraq had an "exceptional" role to play in the region's security.

2013/07/19  18:30

Iran’s Ahmadinejad, top officials hail Hezbollah 2006 victory over Israel
Iran's high-ranking officials have praised the victory of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement over the Israeli regime during the 33-day war in 2006.

2013/07/19  18:17

Iran: Qom to mount Quran expo
Qom will open a Quran and Etrat Exhibition on Thursday presenting more than 40,000 book titles. The exhibition will be attended by four foreign publishers.

2013/07/19  12:13

First Chinese e-library on Shiite displayed at Tehran Quran fair
A digital library containing works on Shiite Muslims in Chinese has been showcased at the 21st International Quran Exhibition in Tehran - Iran.

2013/07/18  12:09

Iranian President-Elect Sends Letters to Sayyed Nasrallah, Syrian President
Iranian President-Elect Sheikh Hassan Rouhani asserted that the resistant Syrian people are capable of overcoming the current stage and preserve their independence and territorial integrity.

2013/07/17  11:53

Iranian international TV channel to show anti-Israeli TV series "Cry of Stones"
Iranian international TV channel will soon broadcasting an anti-Israeli TV series, "Cry of Stones", in Iran and the Arab world.

2013/07/17  01:48

Iran: Quranic league to be set up at Quran fair
A Quranic league to be set up at the 21st International Quran Exhibition and will begin on July 19, 2013, said an official at the fair.

2013/07/16  18:55

Iran Supports “Full Truce” in Syria during Month of Ramadan
Iran said on Tuesday it supported a “full truce” by the armed groups in Syria during the month of Ramadan, and this came after the so-called “Syrian National Coalition” demanded a ceasefire during this month in Homs.

2013/07/16  18:25

Iran envoy: Ulema interaction will end sectarianism
Iranˈs cultural attaché to Malaysia said here Tuesday that further interaction among Muslim ulema will lead to stop sectarian activities in the world of Islam.

2013/07/16  18:18

Grand Ayatollah Makarem debunks the Fatwas let Muslims drink water during Ramadan month when feel thirsty
Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi debunked the Fatwas let Muslims drink water during the holy month of Ramadan.

2013/07/16  13:19

Iran plays pivotal role in regional equations: Lebanese official
A member of Lebanon International Solidarity Movement in a meeting with Iranian Ambassador to Beirut Ghazanfar Roknabadi said here Monday that the Islamic Republic of Iran plays a determining role in regional equations.

2013/07/15  19:03

Imam Khamenei donates rls 1.2bn to prisoners of financial liabilities
Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei on Monday donated rls 1.2 billion to the prisoners of financial liabilities.

2013/07/15  18:50

Bismillah Intl. Festival opens in Tehran
The 10th edition of Bismillah International Festival has kicked off at the Diplomatic Gallery of the Economic Cooperation Organization’s Cultural Institute (ECI) in Tehran.

2013/07/15  17:30

Imam Hussein holy shrine participates in Noble Quran Exhibition in Tehran - Iran

2013/07/15  12:30

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