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Iran News
- Iran News

Iran, Turkey enjoy their best relations in history: Supreme Leader
Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said on Wednesday Iran and Turkey currently enjoy a “brotherly” and “friendly” relationship which is outstanding in the history of their relations over the past centuries.

2014/01/29  23:21

Iran military unveils indigenous missile system simulators
The Iranian military has unveiled indigenous simulators for the Shahin (Hawk) and Skyguard missile defense systems.

2014/01/29  01:16

Kofi Annan Pays Tribute to holy shrine of Imam Khomeini (RA) (Images)
Members of a high-profile delegation-led by the former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan have paid their tributes by visiting to the holy shrine of Imam Khomeini in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

2014/01/28  08:10

'Elders' group meets Iran's President Rouhani (Images)
Iran's President Hassan Rouhani called Tuesday for unity in trying to end the Syrian civil war in a meeting with a former United Nations secretary-general and his delegation.

2014/01/28  04:34

Iranian officials present in unveiling of report on violation of human rights in US
Some of Iranian officials invited to attend an event to unveil a report on violations of human rights in USA in 2013 in the Modnay occasion, save for the representatives of the heads of the Iranian judiciary and legislative forces.

2014/01/28  00:27

Iran UAVs tracked US vessels in PG several times
The Iranian Navy's drones have tracked and captured images of US warships in the Persian Gulf on several occasions, says a top Iranian commander.

2014/01/27  04:34

Iran Produces 1st Anti-Cancer Nano Drug
Iranian scientists have developed the country’s first anti-cancer drug using nanotechnology, an official announced on Saturday.

2014/01/27  04:24

Illuminated Quran Inscribed by Yaqoot Musta’sami Published in Qom
Ordered by Al-ul-Bayt (AS) Li-Ihya Al-Turath” Institute, an illuminated copy of the Holy Quran inscribed by Yaqoot Musta’sami, eminent calligrapher of the 13th century, was published in the holy city of Qom.

2014/01/26  08:36

Top Iranian commander blasts US Secretary of State's anti-Iran remarks
Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari lashed out at US Secretary of State John Kerrys recent war rhetoric against Iran.

2014/01/26  01:19

Turkey's oil, gas import from Iran to exceed 7.6 billion dollars
Turkey's Energy Minister said that Ankara has purchased 7.6 billion dollars of oil and gas from Iran in 2013 and intends to increase its trade exchange level with Iran.

2014/01/24  10:56

Cleric supports Foreign Ministry's stance on nuclear negotiations
Tehranˈs Substitute Friday Prayers Leader Ayatollah Mohammd Emami Kashani said Foreign Ministryˈs stance on nuclear issue is the same as Supreme Leaderˈs and all Iraniansˈ.

2014/01/24  10:31

Wahhabism Books Entering Iran Illegally
Manager of Alhoda International Publications said that Wahhabism books are entering Iran illegally from Pakistan and Afghanistan which should be banned by the Islamic Guidance and Culture Ministry.

2014/01/22  23:37

Iran to File Lawsuit against S. Arabia over Lebanon, Yemen Terrorist Attacks
Tehran aims to sue Saudi Arabia in international organizations following the recent terrorist attacks against Iranian targets in the region, says Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman.

2014/01/21  21:29

Islamic Unity Conference issues final statement
On the last leg of a three-day event held in the Iranian capital of Tehran, participants of 27th International Islamic Unity Conference issued its final statement to reiterate their commonalities and express their abhorrence of Takfir, extremist moves and disunity.

2014/01/20  23:22

Iranians Celebrate Birthday of Holy Prophet (PBUH), Imam Sadeq (AS)
Iranian Muslims on Sunday held ceremonies across the country to celebrate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Imam Sadeq (AS)

2014/01/20  00:57

Muslim unity week;
Iran fully intend to unite Muslims in weekly event
For the past three decades Iran has invited Islamic religious leaders, Sunni and Shia from all over the globe to Tehran, to discuss unity among Muslims. The Islamic Unity conference called for greater convergence among Muslim groups. The theme of this year's event was the Quran and its role in unity.

2014/01/20  00:24

Western plots to isolate Iran, unsuccessful: Pakistani journalist
A Pakistani journalist on Sunday, welcoming Iran’s nuclear agreement, said that western conspiracies to isolate Islamic Republic have failed.

2014/01/20  00:07

Iranian Intelligence Minister Warns against Enemies’ Plot to Sow Discord among Shiite Muslims
Iranian intelligence minister cautioned against the vicious plots hatched by enemies to create rift among Shiite Muslims, specially in Iran's southwestern border areas.

2014/01/17  23:39

Tehran Friday Prayer Leader: Takfiris, agents of arrogant powers in crimes
Tehran interim Friday Prayers Leader says Wahhabi-minded Takfiri groups are the agents of arrogant powers.

2014/01/17  22:01

27th International Islamic Unity Conference;
Islamic Umma has ability to confront with Takfiris: Hezbollah envoy
Special envoy of secretary general of Lebanese Hezbollah Seyed Ebrahim Amin al-Seyed said Islamic Umma can stand against great danger of Takfiris, adding that uprisings in the Islamic world shoud continue.

2014/01/17  21:59

27th International Islamic Unity Conference;
Jordan minister calls for Islamic Ummah Unity
Jordan minister said that effective steps should be taken to strengthen Islamic Umma Unity and eliminate existing differences.

2014/01/17  21:57

27th International Islamic Unity Conference;
Senior Shia cleric proposes establishment of Islamic states union
Secretary General of World Assembly of Islamic Faiths Proximity in the 27th International Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran on Friday proposed that Islamic countries establish an ˈIslamic States Unionˈ.

2014/01/17  21:52

27th International Islamic Unity Conference;
Government opposing Islamophobia, a new war in the region: Iranian President
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that Iran as an Islamic country bears the flag of campaign against violence and extremism by focusing on the issue in the United Nations General Assembly.

2014/01/17  21:22

Takfiri groups chewing Muslims unity like termites: Iranian Judiciary Chief
Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani said here on Wednesday that Takfiri groups are chewing Muslims unity from inside like termites.

2014/01/15  22:17

Imam Khomeini (RA) Int’l Festival Planned in Qom
Imam Khomeini (RA) International Festival will be held on January 23 in the holy city of Qom, scientific secretary of the festival announced.

2014/01/12  20:54

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