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Iran News
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Zarif: Iran urges united front against extremism
Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has called for a global front against the growing threats of extremism.

2014/01/07  00:20

Iranian researchers treat osteoarthritis, non-union of broken bones
Iranian researchers have managed to treat non-union of broken bones, osteoarthritis of the hip, knee and ankle.

2014/01/06  22:12

Iran Intelligence Minister: "Saudi terrorist's death in prison suspicious"
Iran Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi says the death of Saudi national, Majed al-Majed, who masterminded twin bombings outside Iran Embassy in Beirut is suspicious.

2014/01/05  23:30

Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani: "Terrorism virus will spread to US, West"
Chairman of Iran Expediency Council Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani says the Western-backed terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq will spread to the rest of the world.

2014/01/05  22:54

Tehran to host 27th Intl Islamic Unity Conference

2014/01/05  03:09

Iran to Unveil Exquisite Quran Copy
Payam Edalat Publications has unveiled an exquisite copy of the holy Quran on which it spent over a year to design and prepare.

2014/01/04  00:01

Iranian Senior Cleric Calls on Iraqi Shiite, Sunni Scholars to Unite against Terrorist Groups
Tehran’s provisional Friday Prayers Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ahmad Khatami urged Iraq’s Shiite and Sunni religious scholars to join hands to uproot terrorism in the Muslim country.

2014/01/03  21:04

Official: Iran confronts extremists in disguise
Iran has identified and taken serious actions against the elements of extremist and terrorist groups from the Middle East who had entered the country on fake purposes, an Iranian Interior Ministry official says.

2013/12/31  23:08

Iranian top Sunni cleric: "Muslim Unity confab plays telling role in furthering rapprochement"
“Muslim Unity conference can spread the culture of negotiation among Islamic countries,” said Supreme Mufti of Shafei sect in Iran.

2013/12/30  00:46

Grand Shia cleric calls for unity among Shia, Sunni Muslims
Senior religious leader Ayatollah Hossein Nouri Hamedani on Saturday called on Shia and Sunni Muslims to join hands to thwart enemies’ plots.

2013/12/29  00:12

Top Shia cleric congrats Pope Francis on Christmas
Head of the Supreme Council of the Society of Qom Seminary Instructors felicitated birth of the Jesus Christ (PBUH) to the Leader of the world Catholic Church Pope Francis.

2013/12/28  12:51

Marivan Friday prayer leader: "Takfir is brainchild of ignorance"
A prominent Sunni cleric from Marivan, in Iranian Province of Kurdistan, condemned Takfiri crimes in the region and called these groups as brainchildren of ignorance and unawareness.

2013/12/28  11:59

Iranian Cleric: Personality of Imam Hussein (A.S.) is the exemplary model for Shiites
The head of Islamic propagation department of Bandar Astara stated that if someone wants to win success in both worlds, he should declare the personality of Imam Hussein Alehe Salam as role model.

2013/12/28  11:41

Friday prayer leader: West’s Support for Salafism Aimed at Destabilizing Muslim World
Tehran’s interim Friday prayers leader said the West is supporting Takfiris and Salafism in different countries with the aim of destabilizing the Muslim world.

2013/12/28  09:41

Rohani: Some individuals failed to get messages from presidential election
President Hassan Rohani said on Wednesday that much to our regret some individuals failed to get message of people from the presidential election.

2013/12/26  09:56

Iran to enrich uranium to 60% if nuclear talks fail: Draft bill
A group of Iranian lawmakers have prepared a draft bill that would ask the government to enrich uranium up to 60 percent purity if negotiations with world powers over Tehran’s nuclear program fail, a report says.

2013/12/26  09:54

Iran plans to send 9th home-made carrier into space
Iran is going to launch a new indigenously designed and manufactured carrier into space by the end of the next Iranian calendar year (March 20, 2015).

2013/12/25  13:22

Saudi: “Ready to Act With or Without” West over Syria, Iran
Saudi Arabia slammed the West’s policies on Iran and Syria, threatening to act on its own to “safeguard security” in the region.

2013/12/18  13:49

Iran: Authors of Books on Mahdism to Be Honored
Authors of books written in the past two years on Mahdism will be honored.

2013/12/17  09:13

Iranian-Islamic Works to Be Displayed at 3 Int’l Book Fairs
Director General of Iranian Cultural Exhibitions Institute said that Iranian-Islamic works will be exhibited at three international book fairs in Delhi, Bolonia and Paris.

2013/12/15  19:36

Zarif: Iran to Give Well-Calculated Response to World Powers’ Improper Measures
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif deplored Washington for breaching the Geneva agreement by blacklisting a dozen companies and individuals for evading US sanctions, and said Tehran will show a well-assessed and goal-oriented reaction to any measure adopted by the world powers in violation of the deal.

2013/12/15  10:55

President Rouhani among world top 100 thinkers in 2013: FP
The Foreign Policy magazine has named President Hassan Rouhani as one of the top 100 global thinkers of 2013, coming in at number 18 on the ˈdecision-makerˈ section of its annual list.

2013/12/15  10:41

Brazilian model criticised by Iranians for that dress during Friday's World Cup draw
A dress worn by Brazilian model and actress Fernanda Lima at the World Cup draw has led to her being singled out by Iranians on social media.

2013/12/15  10:22

Iran Successfully Launches Research Rocket Carrying 2nd Monkey into Space
Iranian scientists and experts have successfully launched Saturday morning a research rocket after blasting it into space in the second such launch this year.

2013/12/14  20:07

Iranian Cleric: US is under spell of Zionism
“The U.S government is under the spell of the regime of Zionism,” said one of the faculty members of al-Mustafa (S) International University.

2013/12/14  13:44

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