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Basij commanders renew allegiance to Imam Khamenei

2013/11/20  10:57

French Islamologist: "Path of Islamic Revolution Continues through Obedience to Velayat-e Faqih"
French Islamologist and researcher said "The Islamic Revolution of Iran, unlike other uprisings in the region, has achieved victory and continued its path relying on obedience to Velayat-e Faqih (guardianship of the Supreme Jurist)".

2013/11/20  10:04

Iranian university students form human chain around Fordo nuclear facility
A group of university students formed a human chain around Fordo nuclear facility in Qom province one day prior to nuclear talks between Iran and G5+1 in Geneva.

2013/11/19  19:30

Wide Condemnations against Beirut Blasts, Iran Accuses Israel
The terrorist attack against the Iranian embassy in Beirut which killed and wounded dozens of people was widely condemned, as Iran considered that the Israelis and their mercenaries are responsible for the crime.

2013/11/19  19:20

Iranian art show begins work in Gaza
An exhibition of various forms of art created by the Iranian artists has kicked off in the Gaza Strip in Palestine.

2013/11/19  19:08

Official: Iran, US Might Resume Direct Flights in 2 Months
Iranian Deputy Road Minister for Aviation Affairs Ali Mohammad Nourian announced on Tuesday that Iranian airlines will be ready to resume direct flights to the US before the end of 2013 in case an agreement is reached between Tehran and the six world powers (the US, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany) in the upcoming Geneva talks.

2013/11/19  17:47

Indian analyst: Failure of Geneva talks will not help global peace
An Indian analyst of the international political affairs believes that the failure of the recent talks between Iran and the world powers in Geneva on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program will not help the global peace.

2013/11/19  17:36

Jurisprudent stresses Qur’an-based unity

2013/11/19  14:50

Iran Warns to Leave Negotiations in Case of New Sanctions
Senior parliamentary officials in Tehran warned on Monday that Iran would stop negotiating with the world powers in case the US Congress approves any new sanction against the country.

2013/11/18  21:23

Pakistani-Saudi Role in Financing, Training “Jaish al-Adl” Active in Iran’s Sistan
A new mysterious group calling itself the “Army of Right” launched an attack in the Iranian province of Sistan after a truce that lasted more than three years following the arrest of “Abdul Malik Rigi” by the Iranian authorities.

2013/11/18  20:43

Iran: First intl Holy Quran Congress to be held in Mashhad
The First International Holy Quran Congress with Special View to Humanity and Society will be held in Mashhad, Razavi Khorassan Province, on November 20-21.

2013/11/18  19:55

Iranian, Russian Presidents Discuss N. Talks, Syria on Phone
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in a phone conversation on Monday discussed the latest developments in the nuclear talks between Tehran and the world powers and the possibility of ending bloodshed in Syria.

2013/11/18  19:51

Iran unveils new biggest strategic drone can fly to Israel
Iran Defense Ministry unveiled an indigenous, strategic unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

2013/11/18  12:48

Kerry warns Congress against new anti-Iran sanctions
US Secretary of State John Kerry has warned Congress that any new sanctions against Iran will be viewed as “bad faith” and can “destroy the ability to” reach an agreement.

2013/11/16  20:55

Lavrov: Very Good Chance of Iran Nuclear Deal
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Saturday that Iran nuclear talks had eliminated the fundamental areas of disagreement and there was a real chance of reaching a deal next week.

2013/11/16  20:42

Sunni scholar: "Ashura is the lesson of Muslims’ standing against cruelty"
“Ashura is the lesson of Muslims’ standing against cruelty, injustice and inequity,” said one of the Sunni scholars in Kurdestan.

2013/11/16  19:13

Anti-Iran sanctions damaging Germany’s interests, envoy
German Ambassador to Tehran Michael Freiherr von Ungern-Sternberg said the sanctions imposed on Iran are damaging the interests of his country.

2013/11/16  17:34

Tehran Friday Prayer Leader: Moving under Banner of Velayat, Basis of Iran’s Power

2013/11/16  12:45

Japanese diplomat hails democracy in Iran
Japans former ambassador to Tehran Kinichi Komano on Tuesday hailed democracy in Iran as an inseparable part of the society.

2013/11/12  20:39

Islam-Buddhism talk to be held in Iran
Third round of Islam-Buddhism interfaith dialogue titled "Morality in Islam and Buddhism" is to be held in the holy city of Qom.

2013/11/12  19:54

Imam Khamenei: Great Potentials of Hajj Should Be Used Against Sectarian Plots
Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution urged that the great potentials of Hajj should be activated against plots aimed at provoking sectarian strife.

2013/11/11  20:40

Iranian Foreign Minister Blasts France for Preventing Iran-Powers Deal
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif underlined that Tehran and the world powers were on the verge of striking a deal in the recent Geneva talks, but French officials impeded the agreement by their negative stance.

2013/11/10  18:10

Tide turning against Israel in Geneva: Political commentator
Israel is striving hard to ensure that Iran and the six major powers do not reach an agreement over Tehran’s nuclear energy program, but the tide has now turned against it, Iranian political commentator Hamid Golpira says.

2013/11/10  17:55

Sunni cleric: Enjoining the good, the main philosophy of Ashura
“Enjoining the good, forbidding the evil was the main philosophy behind Imam Hussein’s (PBUH) movement,” said one of the Sunni Friday Prayer Leaders of Bojnourd.

2013/11/10  14:21

Iran Inaugurates Production-Line of Sayyad 2 Missiles
The Iranian defense ministry on Saturday inaugurated the production line of its powerful and high-precision missiles dubbed ‘Sayyad (Hunter) 2’, Farsnews agency reported.

2013/11/09  19:10

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