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Hundreds Buddhists monks rally in support of Myanmar stance to deport the Rohingya Muslims
In Myanmar, hundreds of Buddhist monks have held a rally in support of their government’s plan to deport the country's Rohingya Muslim minority.

2012/09/03  11:05

Malaysia Declared 'Top Muslim Tourist Destination'
Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia has been declared a top tourist spot for Muslims, according to an independent study. The study came to the conclusion based on the number of trips by Muslims, and declared that the top destinations for Muslim tourists are Malaysia, Turkey and UAE.

2012/08/29  10:33

Two Shia Followers Reportedly Martyred in Sampang
Two Shia followers were reportedly martyred in a melee involving Shia community members and an anti-Shia Wahhabi group in Sampang regency, East Java, on Sunday.

2012/08/26  21:08

Myanmar president: 'Rakhine people cannot accept Rohingyas as citizens'
Myanmar’s president says people in the western state of Rakhine cannot accept Rohingya Muslims as their fellow citizens amid a hate campaign led by Buddhist extremists.

2012/08/25  08:48

Over 200,000 Rohingyas flee to Pakistan to avoid repression
Over 200,000 displaced Rohingya Muslims are living in slums in the suburbs of the southern Pakistani port city of Karachi.

2012/08/25  08:37

HRW accuses Bangladesh of blocking humanitarian aid to Rohingyas
Human Rights Watch (HRW) has criticized Bangladesh for hampering the transport of humanitarian aid to Rohingya Muslim refugees fleeing government crackdown and violence in neighboring Myanmar.

2012/08/24  15:46

Burmese Islamic Group Puts Statement in Gov’t-Run Media
The All Myanmar Islam Association – representing five Islamic associations – has called for a peaceful settlement of disputes in Rakhine State, according to an article in the state-run New Light of Myanmar on Sunday.

2012/08/21  14:27

Iranian lawmaker: OIC must show logical reaction to Muslim killing in Myanmar
An Iranian lawmaker has censured the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) for remaining silent toward the massacre of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, urging the body to react to such crimes.

2012/08/21  09:57

Myanmar to investigate violence against Rohingya Muslims
Myanmar’s government has established a commission tasked with launching a probe into the recent breakout of violence against Muslims in the western part of the Asian state.

2012/08/18  11:12

Myanmar: Pray for Muslims Being Massacred In Burma By Buddhist Extremists
Buddha came and went, with his message of peace and love; he preached common-sense humanity. Would Buddha be more concerned with the revering of his towering statues, in decorated pagodas or would he be more eager to hold the hand of a suffering fellow human. Would Buddha not be hurt to see, of all people, those upholding his name, treating fellow beings in the most brutal, inhumane ways?

2012/08/16  12:51

Saudi King Abdullah ordered $50 million aid to Myanmar Muslims
“King Abdullah has ordered that assistance of the amount of $50 million be provided to the Rohingya Muslim citizens in Myanmar,” said the report which was carried by Saudi media on Sunday.

2012/08/14  10:35

Hackers blasts Myanmar over Muslim deaths
Hackers broke into the Web site of Myanmar's Information Ministry and posted a threatening message telling the government to "stop the killing of Muslims."

2012/08/13  11:50

Muslim chess players victims of Islamophobia, racism and hate crime
A Muslim family representing England in the European Chess Championships taking place in Austria allege to have been the victim of Islamophobia, racism and even physical hate crime...

2012/08/12  10:51

Organization of Islamic Cooperation: Myanmar agrees to allow aid to Rohingyas
The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) says it has persuaded Myanmar to allow Islamic countries and organizations to provide assistance to Rohingya Muslims displaced by sectarian violence in the Southeast Asian country.

2012/08/12  10:08

Rohingya Muslims in dire conditions and lack of medical supplies
In Myanmar, the Rohingya Muslims, who are accommodated in government camps, forcefully face dire conditions and lack of medical supplies.

2012/08/12  09:52

Indonesians protest massacre of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar
Crowds of Indonesians have gathered outside Myanmar’s Embassy in Jakarta in protest against Burma’s mistreatment of Rohingya Muslim minority.

2012/08/11  01:43

Buddhists burn down mosque in Myanmar's Rakhine state
Buddhists have burned down a mosque in Myanmar’s Rakhine state amid growing concerns over a state-sponsored ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims in the country.

2012/08/11  00:50

Muslims in Myanmar and Their Forgotten Tragedy through History
Myanmar was formerly known as Burma, with a population of more than eight million Muslims out of 55 million people. The rest of the population includes other minorities like Christians and Hindus as well as the majority of Buddhists.

2012/08/09  11:38

Australian Jewish community furor over a Jewish publisher’s attack on Muslims
An article on illegal boat people by the publisher of Australia’s main Jewish newspaper has ignited a storm of protest, with some critics savaging it for “vilifying Muslims” and promoting “xenophobic, Islamophobic and heartless sentiments.”

2012/08/08  10:41

Philippine college bans Muslim students from wearing hijab
A Catholic-run college in southern Philippines has stirred controversy by banning Muslim students from wearing Islamic headscarves.

2012/08/06  03:14

China discourages fasting for Uighur Muslims
China is discouraging some Muslims in the far western region of Xinjiang from fasting during Ramazan. The government says the move is motivated by health concerns, but others said Friday that it’s a risky campaign to secularize the Muslim minority.

2012/08/04  10:30

25 Filipinos embrace Islam after lecture
As was the case in the last ten sessions of the Ramadan Forum, the Philippines night has proved to be the most eventful this year also with tens of people converting to Islam.

2012/08/04  10:13

Troops watched as Buddhists torched Muslim houses in Myanmar
Myanmar security forces opened fire on Rohingya Muslims, committed rape and stood by as rival mobs attacked each other during a recent wave of sectarian violence, a rights watchdog said on Wednesday.

2012/08/02  10:58

Rohingya Muslims calls for assistance
Rohingya Muslims representative in Bangladesh, Noor Hussain has called for international assistance for Rohingya Muslims who stay in camps alongside Bangladesh border with Myanmar.

2012/08/01  15:02

Burmese Muslims’ unabated genocide
While the rest of the Islamic world engages in rituals of the Holy month of Ramazan, fasting, praying and giving alms, the Muslim community of Rohingya in Burma is being incessantly targeted and slaughtered mercilessly with nary a voice raised in condemnation....

2012/08/01  11:58

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